what is a dark precursor?

a dark precursor.

To approach a better understanding of the dark precursor, we turn to the pages of Difference and Repetition in which that concept first appears. There, Deleuze discusses how systems emerge from the chaos of the eternal return. A system is composed of two or more heterogeneous series which enter communication in the exchange of pre-individual intensities from which full-fledged phenomena emerge. That disparate series enter into communication begs the question as to whether there really was some minimal resemblance there all along or whether an overbearing third party forces an identity between them. In other words, the question at hand is: do heterogeneous series take resemblance and identity as conditions for their communication after all?

The dark precursor is Deleuze’s response in the negative–that systems emerge by difference alone. After a series of questions about the place of difference in emergent systems, Deleuze writes “Thunderbolts explode between different intensities, but…

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